Hello Roxbourne!

Hello Roxbourne! As it is World book Day I can exclusively reveal to you the title of my upcoming comic book: Plant Warriors!

Here are two character biographies:



The leader of the Plant Warriors

A talented, young and charismatic leader who is as selfless as he is brave. Antha is a formidable warrior who excels using both brute force and skill. He is a masterful tactician and is never short of a plan no matter the circumstances. His intelligence and fairness serve him well and he has earned even the respect of his bitter rivals. Loved by his allies and loathed by his enemies, Antha is the quintessential leader and warrior combined.


Baron Vax

The leader of the evil Order of the Knights

This is it. The main man. A skilled swordsman and general, the Baron is a force to be reckoned with. A being who seems impossible to catch as he always has a way out. In truth he is an exceptional speaker and a motivator of people. Most will follow him as they believe in his warped promises of power. Baron Vax is an exceptional marksman, warrior, strategist and leader. He is without doubt the most dangerous of the Order of the Knights and is priority target number one for the Protectors.


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