Danger Mouse toys of lack of#dangermouse

One thing I find really surprising is the fact that we have never had any Danger Mouse action figures of any sort. This was an incredibly popular show when it originally aired and whilst it has been able to maintain its popularity ever since, it has even warranted a successful reboot! Yet there have been no action figures, no toys, just a couple of puzzles. I find this hard to fathom. The BBC recently re-released the Clangers and there has been an accompanying toy line, yet Danger Mouse has once again been left alone, but why? It has got to the point where it would be quite easy to release two separate action figure lines for the show. One based on the original and one based on the new show. Thinking back to the Pink Panther show – that had a toy line release as did the Muppets and those toys were based on the original shows so why not danger mouse? I believe there would be a whole host of collectors and children alike who would want to get their hands on them. It is odd. Give me your thoughts. Who would you want to see as an action figure from the show? I’d also like to hear of any other shows you think should have figures but never did!


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