The Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion Part I #sectaurs #80s #actionfigures

I thought I would drag up another old toy line today and whilst perhaps it is one that few remember, it is an extremely underrated one. The Sectaurs were based on insects and thus an action figure line was a fairly logical one to produce. Insect like humanoids riding on huge spiders and flies is a concept I think most will enjoy. Colour schemes and paint jobs were fairly obvious too, darker more mysterious colours lent themselves well. In my opinion the line only had a problem because of the price point. It was very expensive considering the other lines around at the time and therefore put off a lot of parents. Allegedly some folk did not like the fact that the good guys and bad guys were not easily identifiable due to the darker nature of its topic. This moves us nicely onto the storyline. Symbion was a wonderful planet filled with technology and fertile land. However as the technology grew and the people of the planet began to take too alter and play with nature too much; things began to fail. The Great Cataclysm began and nobody would survive. The Ancients could see this coming and sealed all their technology into hyves. If one watches the intro to the cartoon it is clear that this story uses a great deal of adult themes – something that was incredibly common in the 80s. The actual intro shows a picture of a native presumably either being destroyed or turned into a nightmare creature. See the pic below:

sectaurs man

This almost reminds me of something straight out of Inhumanoids! The intro for the series itself is excellent and I really can’t praise it enough. We all know how many fabulous intros there are for 80s cartoons out there, but for me I feel this one really stands out. So the plot continues on and we come to having two sides. The evil led by General Spydrax, although it must be said that he represents Empress Devora of the Dark Domain and that of Prince Dargon, he represents King Markor, of the Shining Realm.

Already you can see where your action figures are coming from! I shall look into those another time! This was just a brief overview and I hope you enjoyed it. Who were your favourite characters? For me I had Skulk and Dargon as a child and I must say that Skulk was mine!



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