Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion Part II #sectaurs #actionfigures #80s #maincharacters

I thought I would follow up my background post with a look at two of the main characters from the series and two characters that are close to my heart as I had the action figures of them when I was a child. So first of all:



This is the first Sectaurs toy I ever bought and he came with Trancula! He was a really cool figure and I was so surprised at how tall he was. Skulk is Empress Devora’s son and is a cunning and intelligent warrior. He is capable of great mind games and is excellent when playing politics. Skulk is not a major fan of battle, preferring to use deceitful tactics like backstabbing, poison or a long range attack.

Prince Dargon


The son of King Makor and therefore next in line for the throne of the Shining Realm. He is a quintessential good guy – heroic, brave, valiant etc… Mantor is his tutor and he respects his wisdom. He is intelligent, strong, quick and understands that battle should always be the last resort. He’s good at everything basically.


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