The most imaginative cartoons ever: The 80s! #animation #action #scifi #fantasy

I think today’s blog post will be a true labour of love. I am an enormous fan of 80s cartoons and the action figures, comics and other merchandise that accompanied them. They were without doubt the most unique and creative of stories and characters and I feel that this is why they still maintain such a great fan following today. This is what spawned my own motivation for creating Nocterna Books which led to my own series and merchandise attached to them.

Now I am at the age where I have my own children and so once again I find myself sitting down to watch various shows with them and sadly I discover a distinct lack of imagination. I love marvel and DC, I am a comic book fan, but we are now getting endless rehashes, movies and cartoons based on characters that are getting shoved down our throats. It has got boring. Never again will we see dark and edgy shows like Inhumanoids and Spiral zone, nor will we witness fun adventures with gummy bears or the snorks. Back in the eighties creativity must have been free flowing, but now we need new IPs and a few of the old ones back. Hasbro rebooting M.A.S.K and the Visionaries is wonderful and I can’t wait to see how they do it. I have not seen the new Jem movie although from what I have heard that is a good thing. Keeping original shows true to their original form can be difficult.

So I suppose that is the way it is, but my point is this: I want my children to experience the joy of waking up on a weekend morning, running downstairs and switching on the television to watch shows that have depth in both story and characters! This is the inspiration for my own writing and this site!

What were your favourite cartoons from the eighties? Who were your favourite characters?

I’d have to say mine were Inhumanoids and the Galaxy Rangers and favourite character was probably the Queen of the Crown from the Galaxy Rangers and Overlord from Spiral Zone!



Please comment and leave yours!



One thought on “The most imaginative cartoons ever: The 80s! #animation #action #scifi #fantasy

  1. My favorite cartoons from the ’80’s was Dinosaucers & the true stars was the Dinosaucers, Secret Scouts, & Tyrannos’ vehicles.

    It would be cool to see Dinosaucers reborn since next year is their 30th birthday!

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