Yellow Devil Mega Man review #megaman #toys #actionfigures #blindbag

I was wandering through London the other day and noticed in one of the comic book shops that they were selling some of the Mega Man blind boxed figures made by kidrobot. I decided to purchase one and it seems like I was rather fortunate and managed to get one of the two mystery figures in that it does not tell you how frequent it is to find them! It is none other than the Yellow Devil! Here he is in all his glory:


Now I am a big fan of the Mega Man Kidrobo toys and as a child I sued to play the videogames. I played Mega Man I the most so I’m very familiar with all the characters. Yellow Devil was the boss of the first Wily Stage and he was tough (unless you knew the continuously pressing start cheat using Elecman’s weapon!) He is a relatively plain figure but then the character itself is plain! His arms and head can move. I personally really like him and I particularly admire the way there is a great focus on the eye, which of course is where one had to shoot him to beat him! For those who don’t remember him here are some videogame pics of him from both mega man and smash bros:

The one to the left is how I remember him best! The rest of the figure is pretty straightforward:

The back of him is plain as it should be, and the bottom of his foot has a big Capcom print on it. I bought more of the Kidrobo series 1 mega man figures but wanted to share this one first because of how cool I thought it was! This is a great set of figures and I shall be reviewing some more that I picked up soon. They really are a fabulous line of figures.


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