We need Silverhawks Classics! #silverhawks #toys #thundercats #motu #mattel

Having seen the new Thundercats classics line pictures I must admit that it does look great! What I am holding out hope for , however, would be a Silverhawks classics line! I just think that it would be an easy thing to do as they could start it out as maybe the odd figure here and there within the Thundercats classics line. Monstar and Quicksilver would be obvious ones, although it wouldn’t hurt to create some of the figures who were not released during the original run of the show such as Yesss man; see below:


I mean it has been done before! If people remember the fabulous Thundercats reboot, both Mako (Tigersharks) and Monstar made a cameo appearance:


This means that people are not adverse to bringing these characters back! Now if we could have Tigersharks classics as well, that really would be fantastic!


3 thoughts on “We need Silverhawks Classics! #silverhawks #toys #thundercats #motu #mattel

  1. Yes I would also like to see characters like Yess Man, Melodia and even Time Stopper. Characters that didn’t get figures. I would also like to see some Tigersharks get some figures. It amazes me that a comic book has not come out that crosses over Thundercats, Silverhawks and Tigersharks!

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