Kingof Fighters XIV opportunities for toys! #kingoffighters #toys #anime

With the news that SNK now has formed an entertainment part of its company to focus on building brands, manga, anime and movies, what better way to glorify the King of Fighters series than to put it into toy form. I’m a big Neo Geo fan and supporter and would love to see the King of fighters series immortalised in plastic.

kof general toys

A few years ago, Street Fighter figures were subject to this treatment and I felt the results were fabulous, see below:

street fighter figures

These were great and I really feel that the King of Fighters has huge potential to create a line like this. Providing the scale was correct, as they have done with the toys above, then there is no reason that this could not work out very well. We have had the odd king of fighters figure released:

kyo figure

They have been mainly Kyo or Iori ones and we have had a wonderful Terry Bogard figure from figuarts released which was great:

Terry figuarts

What we need is line of figures that is consistent. They could release three at first and then move on as the line gains popularity.

What do you think? Who would you like to see created? For me I would want Iori, Ash and Rugal, possibly Goenitz too! Let me know in the comments section!



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