Danger Mouse Penfold toy review! #actionfigure #dangermouse #toys

The new Danger Mouse action figures have recently been released in the UK! They seem to he selling out everywhere but I was very lucky to pick up the last available Penfold figure on the shelf! Check him out:


The packaging is fairly plain and simple; but I feel it does the job well! I’ve included a picture of the back which shows the other characters one can get!


As you can see the expected characters are there and I would rather like to get my hands on Baron Greenback who comes with Nero. I believe Professor Squawkencluck is also going to be released with a playset, so she should be interesting. I’d like a figure of Count duckula to go with them too!

Anyway back to Penfold! Here is a basic picture of him:


You can see that he really does look like Penfold, which of course is the very least an action figure should be! He’s quite poseable too, with arms, wrist and waist joints. His legs can be moved sideways as well as backwards and forwards. His head, of course, is poseable too. My camera has picked up every minor glitch on him which makes his nose look dodgy, but to look at he is a great figure and I really like the sculpt of his head. Here are a few more shots from different angles:

And now for the accessories:

Okay, so Penfold comes packaged with a spring in a stand, that can elevate him reasonably high and some boots, of which he fits snuggly into and are yellow on the bottom. The accessories are well made and, as stated earlier, spring Penfold into the air. Here is a pic of him with everything together:


Overall he is a great figure from a cartoon that has required a toyline for thirty years! The actual figure of Penfold is great and he should satisfy both fans of the new and original cartoon! Tell me what you think below and I’ll be posting some more figure reviews soon!



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