Inhumanoids UK DVD release overall thoughts #Inhumanoids #hasbro #dvd #series

Okay so I have had this set for a long time now, but I thought it would be quite fitting to post a few thoughts on it and give some detailed information before I do into an in depth review. First of all, check out the cover art below:

inhumanoids dvd

It’s the exact same art from the Inhumanoids trade advert and the original VHS of The Evil That Lies Within. Nothing spectacular, but I think I’ll put a full scan up at some point.

The disc itself contains all thirteen episodes of the series and this is obviously a good thing, since the last few episodes have not been released in the USA. Quite why I don’t know. So we can finally see them in good quality and not from a bootleg VHS/DVD. It is important to note that the last few episodes contain the proper soundtrack for the intros which has all the talking over it “Help look it’s another attack!” etc… whereas the episodes that have been released by Rhino (everything up until and including Negative Polarity) have the original mini-series intro without the voices. I assume they used the Rhino release for this. Regarding extras there is a Tendril toy advert which looks great, but why did they not include all the ads? There is also a toy packaging gallery which lets you read the bios of the characters. The discs also contain the scripts to the episodes which is a nice touch. However I noticed recently Flint Dille said that he had written more episodes to Inhumanoids, but they hadn’t been put on the discs. Well, where are they? Surely that’s the extra that most fans would want to see. I would love to know where the storyline moved to after Auger for President! If you’re out there Flint, please give us the scripts so we can enjoy them! I’ll happily host them for you!




2 thoughts on “Inhumanoids UK DVD release overall thoughts #Inhumanoids #hasbro #dvd #series

  1. Thanks for the info! I think I’ll do that! Anything that can get more info out about the Inhumanoids! I’ve read lots of interviews that people have had with him so I think it’s brilliant that he is so approachable!

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