M.A.S.K. comic book coming out! #comics #mask

Whilst I know that this is not Nocterna related news, I do feel that as a major fan of the show, this is important news! I have been waiting for years for a M.A.S.K reboot and it seems that this fall (autumn if you’re in Europe) M.A.S.K is being re-released in comic book format.

The actual comic is being written by Brandon Easton and the artwork is being done by Tony Vargas! I have to say that whilst I am usually sceptical about reboots, the artwork released stays true to the original and looks brilliant!


Easton has also said that the comic will be fresh and stay true to the original although he did mention that there would not be any cowardly robots going through a battlefield! Poor T-Bob! What do you think? Comment below please!



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