Inhumanoids The Evil that Lies Within Episode 1 review #inhumanoids #horror

Okay so here we go with the very first episode of the Inhumanoids – The Evil that Lies Within summary/review.

First of all, before I discuss the actual plot, I think it is important to consider the incredibly heavy use of shadow throughout this episode and the series for that matter! At pints, specifically when looking a the drill Blackthorne Shore uses to unearth Tendril, the shadow is so thick that it looks like some sort of black ooze is creeping down the side of the drill.

Title: The Evil That Lies Within

Originally aired: 21st September 1986

The episode begins with Herc and a reporter investigating strange disturbances in the Big Sur National Forest. A creature (D.Compose) has been discovered, perfectly preserved in an amber monolith and is being transported back to San Francisco. A tree then falls onto Herc and the reporter, however Herc pushes her out of the way and all is fine. We do see some arms stretching from the tress and the outline of a figure that is not human. We cut to some workmen drilling into the ground. Blackthorne Shore is there and he demands these men take the drill down two miles, one of them questions why, yet does it anyway until the drill basically breaks. The tentacles of the Tendril can be seen bashing into the ground around the hole. Blackthorne seems surprised and states that the ancient documents were right. I have to say I feel that the beginning of this episode is excellent and really creates that horror element that the series is renowned for. The tension builds and builds until we cut to an awards ceremony/unveiling of D.Compose and an introduction to each member of Earth CORPS. Anyway Tendril starts smashing up the Golden Gate Bridge and wreaking havoc. The top half of the amber breaks and reveals D.Compose. Everyone flees. Earth CORPS run into a cool looking vehicle and ‘suit up’. Auger runs and cuts a sample from Tendril, (This would prove to be a mistake later.)

Earth CORPS, a battle ensues but the monsters get away after Tendril frees D.Compose. The next part introduces us more to the personalities of Earth CORPS, for example Dr. Bright criticizes Liquidator for discussing vibes and not being scientific. They split up and Bright visits the drilling shaft, whilst Auger and Herc take the sub down a lava tube. Liquidator goes to the forest. One thing that really sets Inhumanoids apart from other shows is the fact that all its characters have personality. They are not just typical good guys and they often argue.  Anyway Auger and Herc find the two Inhumanoids and only just escape after Tendril crushes their sub. Liquidator finds the Redwoods and their leader, Redlen, agrees to talk to him as his thoughts are pure. He tells them of the entire history of the battle with the Inhumanoids and how Metlar, who is imprisoned by Magnakor, must never be freed. Bright has a more difficult time as Blackthorne Shore cuts his rope, causing him to fall into the drilled hole in the ground. Shore then drops a bomb in just to make sure. Bright somehow survives. Earth CORPs meet again and discuss all their findings. The stories tally up and suddenly their base is attacked by Tendril. Episode ends.

This is a great episode that introduces the majority of the characters in Inhumanoids. I think it is good that Metlar is saved for later as it helps to build to his arrival. The show itself is freaky because it twists and turns and the amount of new creatures revealed is high. IT sets the scope for series in that there is a clear through plot and that anything can happen. This is particularly fitting for the later episodes of the series when multiple new creatures and heroes are introduced!

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