How do we bring Inhumanoids back? #Inhumanoids #cartoons #hasbro

I was thinking today about Primordia and how this is not the reboot that Inhumanoids needs. It needs to be Inhumanoids – simple as that. We need a season 2. There has been some incredible information surface on another forum regarding the series 2 action figures and some design sketches for new characters that were destined to appear in the show.

Information wise we know that the following characters were going to be released for the series 2 action figure line:

Blackthorne Shore






Pictures of the prototypes have surfaced on the internet including:



We also know there were plans for a series three cartoon and toys featuring characters such as Brain-Man an ally to Earth Corps and Splooge an aquatic type monster. It also appeared that Nightcrawler would have some sort of creature to ride on too.

So the question is quite seriously this: How do we bring it back? My guess is fanfiction. It will have to be brought back by the fans as Hasbro do not wish to do it. Where should we start?




5 thoughts on “How do we bring Inhumanoids back? #Inhumanoids #cartoons #hasbro

  1. Ike Carr says:

    I’ve always felt that the best way to revive the INHUMANOIDS would be to introduce them in the pages of the TRANSFORMERS books. Have Metlar ,D-Compose, and Tendrill as the heavies in a storyline. Or take another character from the line, like Dr. Herman Mangler, the future Nightcrawler, with his demented knowledge of genetics pop up in another IDW/Hasbro mag like Action Man, G.I. Joe, Rom, or M.A.S.K. Looking at Nightcrawler’s filecard, we see his place of birth was Springfield ,Mass. , although that could also be the Springfield, a nice little town that was used as a front, base by COBRA in G.I. Joe. The Joe Collector’s Club could introduce Dr. Mangler as a Cobra Geneticist. Have him be the guy that created the Fatal Fluffies from the Joe Sunbow/Marvel mini-series, The Pyrmids of Darkness. Like Matt Trakker was released as part of the Joe line awhile back, you can include Mangler to the party. Just a couple of back door methods to reintroduce people to the Evil That Lies Within.

    • That’s an interesting idea and I think that your concept is good. A simple figure in the GIJoe line is an easy way to test the water. I really want to see the new scripts that Flint Dille wrote back in the 80s though. I found some new images of characters that were going to debut in the second and third series of Inhumanoids! They look awesome and I would like to see more of them. I also thought that maybe a Kickstarter to get a new action figure made would be a cool idea. I see that Skeleton Warriors have managed to do it so surely Inhumanoids could be the same? With the photos the prototype toys of Blackthorne Shore, Tank, Sabrejet and Nightcrawler emerging on the net I want some new toys even more!

      I have also looked for some fan fiction but have failed to find any.

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