Another Inhumanoids character that failed to see the light of day. #inhumanoids #horror #cartoons

Stone Inhumanoids

This guy I think looks really cool. The detail on him is great and the fact that there is some sort of prison cell in his chest with a creature in it only adds to how awesome he appears. What do people think then? Villain or hero? Knowing Inhumanoids it could go either way. I like him nonetheless. If only we could get those scripts then we may discover who he is!


14 thoughts on “Another Inhumanoids character that failed to see the light of day. #inhumanoids #horror #cartoons

  1. Ike Carr says:

    The cybernetic parts, the mace/Morningstar, & the whatchamacallit in his chest, kind of makes me wonder if he’s a creation of Nightcrawler. While we heard of Doctor Mangler’s demented genius in genetics created some horrifying monstrosities in his lab. We never got to see his dementia in action to the fullest of its ability in the series. If Season Two had happened, and the second series of figures hit shelves, we might’ve been treated to this. Maybe the bloke who did this sketch, Dave McDonald, could have some insight on this character if he remembers him.

    • Wow that is really cool. I was wondering what sort of creature it was that was stored in there! Do you have any more information about him? His name, where he was from etc… Which other characters did you design for the show? Thanks you so much for posting!

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