Never released Inhumanoids toys and characters #cartoon #comics #toys #actionfigures

I’m putting up all the unreleased Inhumanoids pics and details I have managed to find whilst searching through the internet and from other sources!

inhumanoids prototypes

Here you can see the cardbacks for the series 2 figures of Sabrejet, Night Crawler and Blackthorne Shore that were never released. You can also see the prototype figures for Tank, Sabrejet and Blackthorne Shore in the bottom left. The picture to the right of the card backs is an early sketch of Blackthorne Shore’s armour. The guy in the bottom right is Brain Man – a character that was going to be an ally of Earth CORPs. apparently it is an organicĀ  robotic brain that someone wears.

inhumanoids series 2

You can see some more characters that didn’t make it into the show here and a prototype figure of the Gagoyle! There is also an early picture of Metlar who is based on John Madden! You can also see a fully painted Tank toy above that is a toy picture of Night Crawler before his mask is on (I know this does not tie in with the cartoon.) I think it is also interesting to note that Night Crawler has some sort of beast to ride!

more inhumanoids

Here is a picture of the Night crawler toy with and without mask. The guy on the far left was meant to appear in the third season as some sort of leader of the bad guys and he was going to be about Earth CORPs size. You can also see some other interesting creatures!


Tank’s cardback.


nightcrawler card

Night Crawler card back close ups!



4 thoughts on “Never released Inhumanoids toys and characters #cartoon #comics #toys #actionfigures

  1. personalpest says:

    Great article! However, is there any way you can post a readable scan of Nightcrawler’s file card?

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