Characters from Northampton #Northampton #comedy #books #retro

Having spent a great deal of time on Northampton a few years ago, I was wondering whether or not anyone knows about any of the following people/characters and if they are still around, doing what they do in Northampton. To those who are reading this who do not know what I am talking about, that’s fine. I shall try to enlighten you a little bit. Northampton as a place seemed to be home to a plethora of different strange and sometimes dangerous characters/locals who lived there. I’m not talking about stereotypical ‘townies’, but people who were certainly odd. Here is a list with added detail below:

Cider man: A guy with red hair and a red beard that was constantly drinking cheap cider around town and on the racecourse.

50p Lil: A woman that would do anything, well I’ll leave it to your imagination for 50p.

Kieran: An extremely dangerous man who would scream at people for very specific amounts of money; for example 7p. He would also randomly scream his own name in the town centre and attack people. Had black hair and always wore a black leather jacket.

The growler: An old boy who wore a blazer and would hold it over his face whilst growing at whoever was in front of him. Actually followed me into town for about a mile doing this.

The trio: Two skinheads and a woman who would walk around the centre drinking high strength lager screaming abuse at anyone who was close by.

Victorian lady: Dressed in Victorian clothing and would walk around town with a parasol.

If there are any others you can think of, then please add them in the comments section below.





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