Summerslam Predictions #wwe #wrestling #ppv #summerslam

Well Summerslam is upon us and I thought I would post my predictions with regard to who I think will win each match. Please note that these will be brief. I’ll update tomorrow when I can see how many I actually managed to get right.

I’m not going to comment on the kick off show matches except that Natalya and co win, Sheamus loses to Cesaro, the Dudleys lose and the Usos, American Alpha and Hype Bros go over too.

Enzo Amore and Bigg Cass vs Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

This should be a great match and I honestly think that this is one of the harder ones to call. I’m going to go with Jericho and Owens though. Owens needs victories after all!

WWE Tag Team Championship

New Day (c) vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

This has to be Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as new champions. They are ready and there is no Big E. That will allow an interesting comeback for Big E if the New Day have lost the titles.

John Cena vs AJ Styles

I would like to think that John Cena would do the right thing here and let Styles win CLEAN! Hopefully that will happen but we know Cena doesn’t generally put talent over so perhaps a Styles win but with some sort of interference. If Cena wins then this buries Styles.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Miz (c) vs Apollo Crews

I’m unsure whether Crews is ready for the gold yet so I’m tempted to think that WWE will play it safe and the Miz will retain.

WWE United States Championship

Ruse (c) vs Roman Reigns

Regins has fallen from grace since his suspension and I actually expect that fall from grace to continue. Rusev wins.

WWE Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte

Dana Brooke is of course banned from ringside for this one. This will be a great match but Sasha wins because it is too early for her to lose the belt she has only just captured.

WWE Championship

Dean Ambrose (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Ambrose, easily, all day. This is the easiest match to pick. There is no way that he will drop the belt to Ziggler. No way.

WWE Universal Championship

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

Despite the dodgy name for the title, this is a match I am genuinely looking forward to. It would be great if WWE shocked us and put the title on Balor but I’m going with the safe option that Rollins wins it.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

Lesnar. I just cannot see Orton wining this.

What do you think? Comment below.



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