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I have been reading the new Hasbro comics for a few months now, starting with Micronauts then ROM, Action Man and M.A.S.K. Many of these were properties that I recall fondly from my childhood and I, like many, were super excited for M.A.S.K. I also am highly anticipating Visionaries – another show and toyline that I really enjoyed as a kid. The new Leoric Mighty Mugg looks interesting too.

Anyway to the point of my post. We lack new IPs. I am absolutely up for some of these reboots and some are great. I must say that I enjoyed the new M.A.S.K comic. Micronauts is fun too but when are some of these companies going to create some new things? How long have Transformers and G.I.Joe been around for? Is it not time for something new? The only real reboots I would like to see would be Inhumanoids and the Galaxy Rangers. They were two shows that were incredibly ahead of their time and deserve the treatment of a reboot.

I suppose this leads to my overall point and the very reason I started up Nocterna Books. I want to see new characters, new settings, new plots – just new stories! I hope those of you that visit this site enjoy my books and comics. If you want a taster then you can check out the Blaze Nocterna Origins series that is free on this site in the form of PDF. Hasbro if you are reading – why don’t you make some action figures of some of my characters!



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