Warriors of Kerang #toys #actionfigures #bluebird #books

For a while now I have been searching for a relatively obscure toylike called the Warriors of Kerang which I remember from my childhood. I managed to pick up one of these figures in a local Argos shop and then they disappeared (years ago). As with most of my childhood toys, they were all sold off at boot sales when I was was becoming a teen. Anyway I had been searching for them for a while because I could not remember the name of them. They had been this mystical toylike that I had completely forgotten about and nobody knew what on Earth I was talking about! Anyway a few months ago I stumbled across them during one of my routine toy searches on the web. I was ecstatic and have now managed to get hold of one MOC! I have posted a picture a picture below. If you remember these then please comment below! I managed to discover a Facebook page that featured them too. There is so little on these great figures that I think I shall make a YouTube video looking at my toy in greater detail. I’m going to cover this line more on this site so for starters, check out the picture below:


As you can see the figure is called Krunch and he is a bad guy.


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