Bringing back Inhumanoids! Let’s get Netflix to do it! #inhumanoids #cartoons #80s #animation #action #classic #toys

Well I was speaking to some fellow Inhumanoids fans via twitter and one of them suggested contacting Netflix to see if they would reboot the series! Now I know that the Inhumanoids are rumoured to be in this month’s G.I.Joe issue 5 which would be great but I would like to see an animated series too! Netflix has revived some older shows like Voltron so Inhumanoids would be a great cult classic for them to bring back. Wouldn’t it be great to see some of these old characters that didn’t make it into the show?

more inhumanoids

For me, personally, I would just like to see the series carry on from where it left off e.g. after Auger for President, but I would understand why most people would like it to start at the beginning! Anyway I have posted the link below where one can contact Netflix and request shows! So let’s do it!




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