Plant Warriors intro! #plantwarriors #comicbooks #books #fun #action #retro


Maosis is a world that has fallen to tyranny. The evil Baron Vax and the Order of the Knights have ransacked the planet and rule with an iron fist. All is under their control apart from one small piece of land – the Viridae. A small and seemingly impenetrable dome, surrounded by a wall of cactae for protection. Now it is under siege as the Baron strives to take it and fulfil his complete conquest.  With only their cactae walls and dome left to protect them, the people of Viridae (the Chlorophytes) must take to arms to stop the dreadful Baron and his Order of Knights. The community make a desperate decision to use all their power and select four Chlorophytes who would become heroes in their hour of need. The cost of this was dear, as without any power, the other Chlorophytes reverted into seeds and into a slumber that can only be broken with outsourced energy, something the Baron has heaps of.  The battle is on and it is up to these chosen ones, these four heroes, the Plant Warriors to awaken their people and banish the Baron!


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