Inhumanoids Diamond Crystal Mutore #inhumanoids #toys #unreleased #art #transformers

David McDonald – a great artist and designer who created lots of the Inhumanoids characters has uploaded many of his original pieces of artwork onto Facebook. I thought it would be interesting to look at some of these in more detail. One that really struck me was this Diamond/Crystal Mutore!

Diamond crystal mutore

It does say that one of his features would have been to be able to remove pieces of diamond from his back and throw it at the enemy. I feel he would have fitted in really well with the Granites and the Redwoods. He sort of looks ‘in between’ them. It really is such a shame that this show stopped when it did. There were so many more awesome characters to come that never saw the light of day. Maybe Hasbro will reboot!

Inhumanoids online logo


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