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Last week I watched a really entertaining and interesting short film based upon the classic nursery rhyme ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’ The movie, which I have posted a link to below, really made me think about how we can take classic stories or nursery rhymes and alter the setting which in turn changes much of the piece, but can maintain the same meaning. The movie in question places all the characters into a bowling club where they are debating how to deal with the untimely demise of their friend. It’s a really well done and enjoyable film.

The aforementioned movie is an example of the genre that has been a success. However, there are always versions of ‘rejigged’ classic tales that do not bode so well. A good example of this might be the new King Arthur movie where Arthur is portrayed as a cockney lad, Macbeth on the streets is another one, not to mention the amount of odd reboots we have had of various television series.

For me it is all about originality. If someone can take some source material and make it different and at the same time interesting, then it can often breathe a new lease of life into something that was already a classic. The movie ‘Cock Robin’, which was written and directed by Sean Hogan, can be viewed below!



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