Rod and Tod Chapter 1 Part I available for free download now! #books #scifi #fantasy #free

Yes you read it correctly. Rod and Tod is being serialised here on Nocterna Books. See what the two mischievous clouds are up to as they put other worlds in peril by creating and mutating new creatures.

Download the first part right here: Chapter 1 Part I Rod and Tod

Alternatively you can read it below:


Rod and Tod Chapter 1 – Crude Creations (Part I)


“What do you make of it, Rod?”

“Very little if I’m being totally honest, Tod.” Tod grimaced slightly before he continued, “It’s a weird looking planet, isn’t it Rod?”

“Yes Tod and I suppose it is a perfect place to relieve our boredom for the moment.”

Tod’s facial expression slowly morphed into a grin. He had a massive face, you see, being a purple cloud; no legs, just a perfectly bouncy, soft as a cushion, cloud. Actually he resented the last part. If anyone were to sit on him there would be major trouble and pain. Mustn’t forget the pain part now, Tod reminded himself.

Rod remained floating just opposite Tod. His shape was similar, yet his colouring was closer to pink than purple. He didn’t share his friend’s exuberance for chaos, but he was more than interested in a little bit of trouble here and there. That was only normal for entities in their position.

The two clouds were surrounded by white, quite literally the colour white. There was nothing else around them and this white colour seemed to reach as far as the eye could see and then on a little bit further for good measure. Predictability was something neither would tolerate, so stretching out that little extra yard was always worth it, no matter the cost nor the situation.

“I do not wish to sound foolish, but isn’t Earth often chosen for acts ranging from annoyance to sheer destruction? We aren’t being predictable are we Tod?”

“No, I don’t think so Rod. The reason that Earth is chosen with such frequency is that its dwellers always react either through amusement or violence, but little else in between. It will make the perfect spectacle for us. Shall we record our findings?”

“Yes Tod. We could record it on the ground. What do you propose we make our show about?” Rod was feeling somewhat lethargic now and wished to get on with the experiment. This was supposed to be fun, I mean this was recreational time for both of them.

Tod pondered for a moment and it was evident that he was thinking hard about the subject. It needed to be original, yet familiar, even odd and certainly, most definitely, sad yet funny.

“Let’s release a golden one. Purple and red will be too cold or warm so I suggest we go with gold.” The confidence in Tod’s voice was there for all to hear, or just Rod, seeing as he was the only other being present in the room, well, white area, whatever anyone wanted to refer to it as.

Rod agreed with this and confirmed the stance, “Yes okay, I’m happy to agree with that. Shall I get one then?”

“No need Rod, I have already taken the liberty.” Tod closed his eyes and appeared to be focussing on something with great concentration.

Rod was happily smiling as he usually did when Tod was thoroughly in control of a situation. He was well aware of what would happen next.

Slowly, but quickly, Tod could never decide on which way to go so he did both, a golden rock materialised in front of the clouds. It was roughly the size of a tennis ball, but far more jagged at the edges as it was not perfectly round. It floated amongst the white with the two clouds.

Tod opened his eyes to review his handiwork. “They did have other ones, but I preferred this shape and size. We can fit this into smaller spaces. Actually, Rod, there was one particular nugget that was the size of Earth itself. Not ideal for what we are trying to achieve today, but something that could be extremely useful if we want to wreak havoc on some of the giant planets.”

Rod nodded at Tod with glee. Well he sort of bounced. Clouds didn’t really nod.

All of a sudden, Rod’s pink features became more prominent as he asked a question that he had obviously been mulling over for a considerable period of time. “May I drop it? Please Tod, you know I can do this. Surely now it is my turn. Please Tod, please may I?”

The usually casual Tod was slightly perturbed by this request. He had foreseen it coming at some point, but this was not in the manner he had predicted. In truth, Tod had felt that Rod would have wanted to deliver a drop on a far more important target. The fact that he wanted to perform one on somewhere as irrelevant as Earth meant that this was an ideal opportunity to test him.

The purple cloud let out a brief yet wry smile, “Very well then Rod, we will see how you handle the situation. I do hope it’s something obscure but regular though.”





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