Rod and Tod Chapter 1 Part I available for free download now! #books #scifi #fantasy #free

Nocterna Books

Yes you read it correctly. Rod and Tod is being serialised here on Nocterna Books. See what the two mischievous clouds are up to as they put other worlds in peril by creating and mutating new creatures.

Download the first part right here: Chapter 1 Part I Rod and Tod

Alternatively you can read it below:

RodRod and Tod Chapter 1 – Crude Creations (Part I)

“What do you make of it, Rod?”

“Very little if I’m being totally honest, Tod.” Tod grimaced slightly before he continued, “It’s a weird looking planet, isn’t it Rod?”

“Yes Tod and I suppose it is a perfect place to relieve our boredom for the moment.”

Tod’s facial expression slowly morphed into a grin. He had a massive face, you see, being a purple cloud; no legs, just a perfectly bouncy, soft as a cushion, cloud. Actually he resented the last part. If anyone…

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