Rod and Tod part 5 out now for free here! #books #scifi #fantasy #cloud #novel

The latest release is out! Rod and Tod is being serialised here on Nocterna Books. See what the two mischievous clouds are up to as they put other worlds in peril by creating and mutating new creatures.

Download the fifth part right here: Chapter 1 Part V Rod and Tod

The first, and all the other parts are available by clicking here.


Alternatively you can read it below:


Rod and Tod Chapter 1 – Crude Creations (Part IV)

Howard was the first to speak, flapping his pizza box mouth, “What now then guys, where shall we go?”

Eggo Maniac immediately showed Bruce the palm of his murky hand, indicating to the book to wait until he had spoken before interrupting. He was unsure as to whether Bruce had something to say, but he was not going to be interrupted this time. Bruce was not impressed by this gesture.

“Chaps, I think we have a slight conundrum on our hands. We have no home, save for this alley and I for one do not find it to my taste. Yet worry not, London is a thriving metropolis, home to much wonder and vast experiences. Surely we will find something to do if we just roam.”

“No way mate, think about the state of us. We don’t look like your normal, everyday humans do we? We need to hide away otherwise we’re gonna get locked up,” said Bruce.

Howard was the next who wished to intervene, but was rudely cut off by Eggo Maniac, who quickly raised his hand once more as a sign that he would speak and all others must listen, “Chaps, we are over-thinking things at present. We are fortunate that we are in Soho, a very colourful area, where nothing is out of place. We will fit in. Trust me.”

Before Howard could say anything, Eggo Maniac had marched out of the alley and onto Wardour Street. The general public had returned and the road was bustling with people wandering up and down, entering and exiting shops, whilst others packed the restaurants and coffee houses, all chatting the day away.

Eggo Maniac glanced left then right and as he did a number of people nonchalantly trotted past him, not batting an eyelid. He smirked.

“Come out Bruce, Howard. It’s perfectly fine.”

Bruce exited the alleyway. He did this quickly, possibly because he was keen to test out how nimble his new legs were.

Howard was far more reluctant. Creeping up to the edge he stuck his head around the wall. On the last occasion he had spoken, a horde of people had run away from him in horror. Perhaps he should test the water.

“Eggo Manaic I’m still unsure of this. Last time I spoke, everyone…”

“Are you speaking now Howard?”

“Well yes Eggo Maniac.” He stopped and reflected on this. He moved himself onto the pavement and his impressive physique was now in full view of the general public. He laughed, not just a tiny giggle though, but a roaring scream of amusement at the situation. He had known, although he did not fully understand why, that humans were peculiar creatures. This was serious confirmation of that fact. Why were they frightened of a talking pizza box, yet a hulking great Goliath of a body, made out of apple crumble, complete with a pizza box head and green eyes that popped out of the top was absolutely fine.

“People are strange,” said Howard.

“Indeed they are Howard, indeed they are. It’s just like the song that bears the same name,” said Eggo Maniac, “Well shall we do the off then chaps?”

Both waved at the walking egg and almost skipped down the road in delight. The trouble was, none of them knew their destination.



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