More climate change issues #climatechange #sealevels #change #planet

I have been reading some rather disturbing articles lately regarding climate change. I shall post a link to one particularly worrying piece that spoke about the sea levels and the fact that some 16 million people are likely to be subjected to coastal flooding by the end of the century.

Essentially ice sheets from Greenland and Antarctica are cracking and therefore melting. Since they have been monitored, which began in the 1990s, the sea level has risen by 1.8 cm. That is a worrying trend. We are already seeing many issues due to climate change and there seems to be no stopping it.

Hopefully, one day, we can make that change. I always thought that as people, we should try and leave the world in a better place than when we found it. Sadly, this does not seem to the the case.

Click on the link below to read the article.



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