Warriors of Plasm Issue 1

So I recently bought a few comic books from eBay from an obscure series called ‘Warriors of Plasm’. They are from the early 90s and the intention was for the comic books to be called ‘Plasm’. However Marvel stepped in and stopped this from happening and instead the comic books had to be rebranded as ‘Warriors of Plasm’.

Warriors of Plasm was due to be the flagship title for newly founded company Defiant Comics. I picked up issues 1 – 3 and I have to say that I am absolutely hooked on them now. The story is fantastic. It really is a breath of fresh air. Basically there are a group of beings who live within the org of plasm and they must feed the org. They do this by invading various planets and feeding all their inhabitants to the org. However, one of the residents of Plasm wishes to lead a rebellion against the Emperor of the org. He does this by transporting humans to Plasm.

Only five humans survive, but it turns out that humans are pretty handy on Plasm and much chaos ensues as the humans must fight their way out and get back to Earth.

It’s a great story and the artwork and story telling really is top notch! You can also pick up these comics relatively cheaply so I would strongly advise anyone with an interest in sci-fi to pick these up.

I know I’ll be ordering the next few issues!

Warriors of Plasm is a great comic book! #warriorsofplasm #defiant #comicbook #books


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