Can’t stop listening to 80’s metal at the moment #metal #80s #rock #crazylixx

Motley Crue

I don;t know what has been happening this week, but I just cannot stop listening to 80’s metal at the moment. From Motley Crue all the way through to Skid Row. I just can’t get enough of it at present.

It’s great music to drive to, but in a strange way, I’m also finding it highly motivational. It has to be something to do with the uplifting nature of it. So, whilst I was letting youtube roll through some songs, a track appeared called ‘Girls of the 80’s’. It played and I realised that I had never heard it. I’ve posted the link below:

So after a little bit of research I found that the song was actually released in 2014 as part of the self-titled album Crazy Lixx.

This got me thinking, again! It’s amazing how 80s glam is still going strong. I like to think I’ve done my bit to keep it all alive with BB Nixx from Nocterna II! I’ve put his picture below!

Rock on with BB Nixx!

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