Time to check out Spiral Zone #spiralzone #cartoon #animation #dark

Unbelievable how this was released!

So I was watching some classic animation over the weekend and I came across a great show called Spiral Zone. The premise for the show is simple – an evil scientist named Overlord has taken over large areas of the Earth by dropping deadly zone generators that trap millions of people by turning them into zoners.

A zoner loses the will to resist and therefore is controlled by Overlord. they are like zombies with red dots on their skin. Over half the Earth has been conquered so far. The reason this intrigued me so much is because unlike most shows, the bad guys have won. Overlord is basically the ruler of half the Earth.

I watched a few episodes and I am amazed that this got made into a show aimed at children. The concept is insanely dark, but absolutely terrific. Modern day children’s television simply does not stand up to it.

The protagonists are led by Dirk Courage and represent various nations from around the world. The most they ever seem to accomplish is merely staving Overlord and his forces off.

Sadly I can’t ever see there being a reboot for this. The concept is far too out there and the fact that the bad guys have essentially won does not help – although this is one of the particular reasons act I really like the show!

The whole series is available on youtube so check it out. It really is worth your while.


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