Can’t stop listening to 80’s metal at the moment #metal #80s #rock #crazylixx

Motley Crue

I don;t know what has been happening this week, but I just cannot stop listening to 80’s metal at the moment. From Motley Crue all the way through to Skid Row. I just can’t get enough of it at present.

It’s great music to drive to, but in a strange way, I’m also finding it highly motivational. It has to be something to do with the uplifting nature of it. So, whilst I was letting youtube roll through some songs, a track appeared called ‘Girls of the 80’s’. It played and I realised that I had never heard it. I’ve posted the link below:

So after a little bit of research I found that the song was actually released in 2014 as part of the self-titled album Crazy Lixx.

This got me thinking, again! It’s amazing how 80s glam is still going strong. I like to think I’ve done my bit to keep it all alive with BB Nixx from Nocterna II! I’ve put his picture below!

Rock on with BB Nixx!

Alex Cross novels and James Patterson #books #crime #novels #thriller

So I said in a recent post that I have been reading a lot of the Alex Cross novels and I felt it would be good to share some thoughts on them.

The first point I would make is that they very much fit in with James Patterson’s page turning style. The chapters are very short – sometimes two pages, but that is what makes one come back for more. Patterson is a master of the cliffhanger.

The detail that has gone into the books is also outstanding and I feel that James Patterson really researches his topics well. The depth is huge and some of the detail makes these all the more believable.

Finally these are an easy read. One can rifle through one in a day and they never get tiresome. I always found myself struggling to put them down. They are a fantastic set of novels and I would advise anyone to give them a read. You will not regret it.

Warriors of Plasm Issue 1

So I recently bought a few comic books from eBay from an obscure series called ‘Warriors of Plasm’. They are from the early 90s and the intention was for the comic books to be called ‘Plasm’. However Marvel stepped in and stopped this from happening and instead the comic books had to be rebranded as ‘Warriors of Plasm’.

Warriors of Plasm was due to be the flagship title for newly founded company Defiant Comics. I picked up issues 1 – 3 and I have to say that I am absolutely hooked on them now. The story is fantastic. It really is a breath of fresh air. Basically there are a group of beings who live within the org of plasm and they must feed the org. They do this by invading various planets and feeding all their inhabitants to the org. However, one of the residents of Plasm wishes to lead a rebellion against the Emperor of the org. He does this by transporting humans to Plasm.

Only five humans survive, but it turns out that humans are pretty handy on Plasm and much chaos ensues as the humans must fight their way out and get back to Earth.

It’s a great story and the artwork and story telling really is top notch! You can also pick up these comics relatively cheaply so I would strongly advise anyone with an interest in sci-fi to pick these up.

I know I’ll be ordering the next few issues!

Warriors of Plasm is a great comic book! #warriorsofplasm #defiant #comicbook #books


Reading some Michael Connelly. Fantastic crime writing. #crime #books #novels #thriller

I have been reading a lot of crime fiction over the last few months which really ties in with all the crime writing I have been doing. I have exhausted James Patterson, having read all the Alex Cross novels bar one and am now going through some brilliant writing from Michael Connelly.

I have started out with the Poet which has many a link to Edgar Allan Poe – an interesting writer in himself! I find Connelly’s style very compelling and he has that real page turner gift in his writing.

I shall post a review of his book when I have finished it. In the meantime, if you have read any great crime novels then please list them below – no spoilers though please!


More climate change issues #climatechange #sealevels #change #planet

I have been reading some rather disturbing articles lately regarding climate change. I shall post a link to one particularly worrying piece that spoke about the sea levels and the fact that some 16 million people are likely to be subjected to coastal flooding by the end of the century.

Essentially ice sheets from Greenland and Antarctica are cracking and therefore melting. Since they have been monitored, which began in the 1990s, the sea level has risen by 1.8 cm. That is a worrying trend. We are already seeing many issues due to climate change and there seems to be no stopping it.

Hopefully, one day, we can make that change. I always thought that as people, we should try and leave the world in a better place than when we found it. Sadly, this does not seem to the the case.

Click on the link below to read the article.