Northampton: Life at University

Uni – it’s all a laugh isn’t it?

Northampton is hell on Earth.

Located within the East Midlands of England it has little to nothing going for it. Actually that’s untrue and unfair. Crime certainly thrives here along with a fighting scene that could rival the big money boxing matches in Las Vegas.

When a few, young men decide to attend university in the town their lives are instantly turned upside down. From middle class beginnings they must learn to navigate the drugs, the violence, the gangs and the sheer insanity that the town holds in itself. With a whole host of locals such as Cider Man and the frightening Kieran to contend with, how will they cope? Will they get out alive?

This is their tale, told in their own words.

Northampton, Life at University is the opening chapter in the epic tale of The Hants – a harsh look at the reality of Life.

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