Nocterna Book of Chasms


What happens when friends and enemies unite?

Introducing the first book in the Nocterna series: Nocterna Book of Chasms.

Nocterna is a world in crisis. The Academy and the Star Order are engulfed in an age long dispute that requires some outside assistance to solve. The Queen of the Star Order insists she is right, being royalty and all that, but surprisingly the professors of the Academy disagree. Where does one find the necessary help to sort everything out?

Why on Earth of course!

Both sides set out to acquire an earthling to help them on their quest to an unknown series of mountains in pursuit of a book. Not just any book of course, why that would be far too easy. A few unlikely kids are chosen due to their Star Power and off we go.

Cast into a world where Latin is the day to day lingo and anything goes, Alex Evans, KT (not Katie) Blacklock and Jason Scott must find their way in a world that seems to host all manner of different creatures and royalty. All of this, combined with a third underlying force, lurking in the background, makes Nocterna a tale with more twists and turns than a Fibonacci spiral and shows us a world that is as strange as it is obscure…

Which side will they choose and more importantly which side will you choose?



Alex Evans

A bit of a nobody really, at least that’s what he would have you think. There’s a lot more to this young lad than meets the eye.



The scruffy and strong willed friend of Alex. She just loves to help and her enthusiasm can often lead to unexpected results!


Jason Scott

A schoolyard bully who tantrums when he does not get his own way. Jason has a lot to learn. The question is; will he?



A young and ambitious Nocternis who is desperately seeking a link partner. It’s a good job there are some folk from Earth visiting Nocterna then!



One of the many wise and noble leaders of the Academy. Sidus is responsible for training only the very best of students, hence his mentoring of Char!



An extremely loyal robot of the Star Order. Metallixx lives to serve and he’s good at it to boot! A keen thinker and warrior combined make him a really tough customer.


The Queen of the Stars

The ruler of the Star Order! A beautiful and captivating monarch who mesmerises her foes and allies alike. Power seems to be the name of the game – or is it?



A very gifted Nocternis. Blaze seems to be neither here nor there.

Silver Croc


An amazingly strong and proud warrior who fights for reasons very close to him.

Blue Croc


A very young, impressionable and faithfully loyal Crocodilus. Blue seeks reward for his actions.


The Phantom King and Queen

Very little is known about this pair suffice to say that they are descendants of the ancient race of Phantoms.



Yet another secretive being. Little is known about her.

Book of Chasms

The Book of Chasms

This is it then! Whilst not a character, the importance of this artefact cannot be denied.

Click below to order from amazon – available in both kindle and paperback.

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