Rod and Tod

Rod and Tod are two clouds – yes that’s right you heard me correctly, two clouds who are rather keen on creating things, or creatures to be more precise. This is all for the amusement of Cloud TV of course.

Enlisted by their bosses to boost ratings, they decide to have a play around with Earth and its inhabitants, they accidentally create several extreme oddities, an apple crumble man with a pizza box head – Howard, a walking, talking know-it-all encyclopedia – Bruce and an arrogant egg that is past its sell by date – Eggo Maniac.

Now all of that would be fine, but our creatures stumble across a gap between two dimensions that had previously been sealed a long time ago for very good reasons – war – oh dear. This allows all manner of beings to spill over into Earth.

All our three creations wish to do is try to get on with a peaceful life. What they don’t realise is that they are the powerful prize sought by all.

Will the clouds get them or will the other lot from goodness knows where?

Throw into this an overly zealous publicist trying to push them on to mega-stardom and you have a tale where nobody truly knows what is going on!

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