Plant Warriors


Maosis is a world that has fallen to tyranny.

The evil Baron Vax and the Order of the Knights have ransacked the planet and rule with an iron fist. All is under their control apart from one small piece of land – the Viridae. A small and seemingly impenetrable dome, surrounded by a wall of cactae for protection. Now it is under siege as the Baron strives to take it and fulfil his complete conquest.  With only their cactae walls and dome left to protect them, the people of Viridae (the Chlorophytes) must take to arms to stop the dreadful Baron and his Order of Knights.

The community make a desperate decision to use all their power and select four Chlorophytes who would become heroes in their hour of need. The cost of this was dear, as without any power, the other Chlorophytes reverted into seeds and into a slumber that can only be broken with outsourced energy, something the Baron has heaps of.

The battle is on and it is up to these chosen ones, these four heroes, the Plant Warriors to awaken their people and banish the Baron!

Plant Warriors is the first graphic novel released by Nocterna Books.


plant Warriors Logo



The leader of the Plant Warriors

A talented, young and charismatic leader who is as selfless as he is brave. Antha is a formidable warrior who excels using both brute force and skill. He is a masterful tactician and is never short of a plan no matter the circumstances. His intelligence and fairness serve him well and he has earned even the respect of his bitter rivals. Loved by his allies and loathed by his enemies, Antha is the quintessential leader and warrior combined.

Rosalyn (Rose)


A scholar and a historian who always leaves her mark on the state of play. Rose is a walking encyclopaedia who sits on the side of genius. Her studies of history and warfare make her an excellent commander in the field of battle. Do not let her calm exterior fool you though, as she is a fierce combatant having been trained in a plethora of different fighting styles. When it comes down to it, she can be a real ‘thorn’ in the side of her enemies.

War Beat


Given the name ‘War Beat’ due to his horrific battle cry that frightens even his friends, this stealthy protector of Viridae is one slick customer. It has been witnessed on occasion, that simply the noise and the movement of War Beat have been enough to make his enemies turn and run. Even then he still catches up with them! Agility, speed and discipline are the name of the game for this gallant warrior who will never give up.



A colossus who possesses strength beyond strength. Titan is a fearful sight for anyone silly enough to try to get beyond the walls of Viridae. This aside he is an accomplished scientist who is always experimenting and attempting to find other energy sources to bring more Chlorophytes out from their seeds. He created the Venus Trapper, a vehicle that is totally organic and a real menace to any stray Knights. His brain is as lethal as his might.

The Venus Trapper


Titan’s vehicle – he grew it himself! The Venus Trapper is a quickly mobilised attack and prison transport vehicle. Its primary function is to incarcerate any member of the Order of Knights who is foolish enough to get near it and haul them back to Viridae for further questioning. Don’t think that’s its only use though! The Venus Trapper has a fair few combat secrets up its sleeve.


Baron Vax


The leader of the evil Order of the Knights

This is it. The main man. A skilled swordsman and general, the Baron is a force to be reckoned with. A being who seems impossible to catch as he always has a way out. In truth he is an exceptional speaker and a motivator of people. Most will follow him as they believe in his warped promises of power. Baron Vax is an exceptional marksman, warrior, strategist and leader. He is without doubt the most dangerous of the Order of the Knights and is priority target number one for the Plant Warriors.

Lady Hysteria


Insane – literally mad but highly intelligent. Lady Hysteria is able to charm, hypnotise and encapsulate those who stand in her way. Her skills in deception and treachery are second to none. An expert gymnast and athlete means she possesses the stamina and agility to go on and on. She enjoys watching her enemies suffer and it is her distinctive laugh that echoes across the battlefield when she is victorious.

The Sorcerer


Baron Vax’s wizard and one thoroughly cold individual. The sorcerer gained his powers from sources that he is not willing to share, not even with the Baron. He takes his enjoyment from destruction and despair and this will tell you all about the sort of magic he likes to conjure. A wily and cunning individual, even the Baron doesn’t fully trust this magic show.


Clown background

A man of mystery. No one truly knows the background of Clown. He merely appeared one day and joined the Baron’s Order of Knights. He is as mad as he is dangerous and is renowned for his maniacal laugh as he takes away his prey. An unbelievably talented hand to hand combatant combined with the fact that he commands the Beast, means there is positively nothing funny about this clown.

The Beast


A nightmare of terror is the only way one can describe the Beast. Its enormity is only surpassed by its ferocity. The Beast will happily vanquish all in its path to achieve total victory.

Unknown allegiance

The Observer


Absolutely nothing is known about the Observer. He appears at random, occasionally watching battles and then disappears. He has shown no allegiance to the Plant Warriors nor the Order of Knights. An interesting chap indeed?

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