Nocterna II The Band Is Back Together


A new hero rises from the storm.

A shift in power has taken Nocterna by storm and the Crystal Horde has an insatiable thirst for conquest. This is fine until an old, starry face rears its head from the swamps of Oriun and joins a Band. Yes that’s right, a Band of warriors assembled by an unknown force, allegedly to wreak havoc across the universe. The trouble is no one knows what they want to do or who is behind them.

Battle lines are drawn but who is fighting for what? Throw in a few godlike entities, who must step in to quell the chaos, and the situation has become very serious indeed.

Alex, KT and Jason are back, yet no one can be trusted. As old and new faces alike question everything they held to be true, the real history of the known universe begins to unravel itself. The question is what does the future hold and what on Nocterna is Blaze up to?

All must now take a chance because everything that has ever been known is on the line.

The second book in the Nocterna series has arrived!



Alex Evans

Alex Evans has returned and now has a greater hold and understanding of his powers. He also looks a lot sharper to! The question is what will he do with the news that he received?



Well it was always going to be interesting seeing the new and improved KT. How will she do? Who will side with her? Who is she really? There are certainly many questions surrounding her that need answers.


Jason Scott

Well the ever-confident Jason Scott is back with the gang and his ego doesn’t seem to have lessened at all. How will his relationship with the others develop and how will he get on with the new faces in the crowd?



A powerful and ruthless sorcerer – Clara remains as loyal to KT as ever. It would be interesting to know what her ultimate goals are though, as she has proven that she will stop at nothing for success.



Free at last! A legendary warrior who needs little introduction to members of the Crystal Horde. How will she adapt to life in the present having been banished for so long?


Histeo Hoylei

A legendary seafarer! Histeo Hoylei can sail any vessel anywhere. He has visited places that most creatures did not even know existed. Just whose side is he on though?



Charismatic to say the least and a close friend of Histeo, BB certainly marches to his own beat. Underneath it all there is something else that he doesn’t necessarily want too many others to see. Who will he trust and just whose side is he on?



An old ally in Silver has shown himself once more. This time it looks like he really means business! What does he want and with whom does he want it?

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