M.A.S.K. and Visionaries a look at how it can work! #MASK #visionaries #cartoon #movie


Okay, so we know that Hasbro is cooking up a cinematic universe featuring M.A.S.K (Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand) and the Visionaires (Knights of the Magical Light). I’ll save Micronauts and Rom for another feature and yes I’m aware it ties in with G.I.Joe too. Both visionaries and M.A.S.K are great properties and seemed to be a staple of most children’s 80s toy/cartoon diet. I know that here in the UK Visionaries was quite big and we even got a sneak preview of the second series of figures through a poster that was included with a dodgy 80s magazine, of which I have forgotten the name. A lot of people seem to be sceptical with regard to pairing these two together and that is a fair point of view. The reason I’m looking at these two is I think there is most definitely a way that they can be incorporated together as they have much in common.

Firstly both feature humans, that wear masks/helmets and often ride in vehicles. I am aware that the Visionaries are from Prysmos and only a few of them had the power to operate the vehicles but it still counts. It is still something which they have in common. Secondly they are both made up of relatively small, yet cohesive teams (apart from Cravex) and this is why I think the writers could do a great deal with the backstories of them all. It would be nice if each character got a reasonable amount of airtime, but then we still have to take into account Rom, Micronauts and G.I.Joe. The trouble is; Roadblock will feature more than say Leoric and Cobra Commander more than Darkstorm.

If I had to make a prediction I would imagine that we would see more of the M.A.S.K characters as they are easily added to G.I.Joe and Cobra respectively. Take Specialist Trakker for example:


It’s an easy fit. Visionaries is not and this is why I find it the most interesting inclusion. Presumably someone is going to stumble across some sort of portal that will lead to Prysmos and let the Knights out. I say this as it would be far more cost effective to have the Visionaries on Earth rather than building multiple new sets for Prysmos. This would lead to a natural storyline of the Visionaries wanting all their technology back in order to take Prysmos and return it to its original state when all was well. Would that then make all the Visionaries on the same side. Surely Leoric and company would want the technology back as much as Darkstorm et al? Or perhaps Darkstorm would rather leave Prysmos as it is and attempt to rule it? Between Miles Mayhem, Cobra Commander and Darkstorm there is fantastic scope for backstabbing, betrayal and potentially a three way civil war between the three groups?

Whatever happens I’m excited about it and let’s hope it spawns new toy lines too!

What do you think? How would you put them all together?


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