Inhumanoids plush toy! First picture! #inhumanoids #toys #actionfigures #80s #unreleased

Below I have posted the first picture of the Inhumanoids plush toy that I have had made recently. I shall post some better shots later, but it is of the unreleased crystal/diamond mutter picture that was not used in the series. Maybe Gargoyle or Slither would be a good next option. Tell me what you think below.



Here is the original image that the toy is based on below:

Diamond crystal mutore



2 thoughts on “Inhumanoids plush toy! First picture! #inhumanoids #toys #actionfigures #80s #unreleased

  1. Ike Carr says:

    Cute. A Tendrill plushy wouldn’t be too out there. My niece loved my D-Compose figure, so a plushy version version would do to.

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